5 thoughts on “Photo’s from a Recent 5 Day Trip in the UK . . .”

  1. Wow, what an amazing country Morocco is; the colours, the people, the chaos, the landscape, the history and the ambience. I have recently returned from a 7 day vacation in Morocco, visiting Marrakech, Essaouira and a surfing beach north of Agadir. During the trip i took many photos on my 5d and Zeiss manual lenses, a great combination for street photography!


  2. Expressing myself between documentary and street photography, my work focus on long term projects because of the human aspect, but also to have better insight and understanding of a situation over time. Photography is a medium that allows me to explore the cultural and sociological aspects of life in order to understand the relationship between the people, their traditions/habits/cultures and their environment. In recent years I have worked on separate long term projects about the Medinas of Morocco and more recently the Yamuna river in India.


  3. The series contains obvious echoes of photographs made by Evans in the 1930s, with the vernacular signage – “AMERICAN COLLISION, SUPER FAIR” – serving a similarly choric function. The shifting spirit of Robert Frank seems also to be lurking, as if the Google vehicle were an updated incarnation of the car in which he made his famous mid-50s road trip to produce his photographic series, The Americans. As with these two illustrious predecessors there is a strange beauty – sad, lyrical , unconsoled – in this latest virtual instalment of the American photographic safari-odyssey. We end up not with the pristine clarity of an Evans or the hurried, side-long glance of a Frank but with a shimmer and blur, a washed-out and defining imprecision. Colours are simultaneously enhanced and drained by whatever processes Rickard has put them through. Sometimes the sky gets rinsed out, other times it has a vestige of the turquoise ache of the Super-8 of old (the colour of optimism, of economic growth for all). All of which contributes to the sense that we are seeing ghost towns – or ghost streets – in the process of formation.


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