A Suprise Present . . .

. . . The wife comes home today from a shopping trip and says the magic words “I got you a present”.

When ever she says that, I always reply with something like “Is it a Leica M6 with 3 Summicrons all contained in an original Leica bag? And you found it in a junk shop, hidden in a dust covered box, inside an old wardrobe? The guy didn’t know what it was and charged you £30?”

“No” she says, “It’s not a camera.”

I’m told to close my eyes and I’ve got to guess (her favourite game).

With eyes shut, she hands me the mystery item. I can tell instantly it’s a camera, the little fibber.

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What is it about a Leica . . .

. . . No other camera can cause the photographer to expect so much.

No other camera can create such a high expectation amongst others of the photographer and his work.

No other camera can create so many ‘old boy networks’.

No other camera can create such a clearly defined line between `Us and Them`.

No other camera can be the cause of such hate fueled jealousy by those who do not or simply can not own one.

No other camera has accumulated so many famous photographers and images, and as a result, be the sole cause of all the above.

The question that will really bake your noodle is, are these qualities good or bad ?

Maybe I Should Explain Something About My Photographs . . .

. . . They represent a particular way of looking. A way that has sadly been lost in todays ‘throwaway’ society, where nothing seems to have value.

People today tend to walk with their heads down, either looking at their iPhones (other brands are available) or the pavement. They only look up to notice the “can’t be missed, life changing, 50% off everything sale”, take a sip from their “extra hot, triple mocca latte” and fail to notice anything else around them. Continue reading “Maybe I Should Explain Something About My Photographs . . .”

This could only happen with a Rangefinder . . .

. . . due to the unique design of a Rangefinder, you could take an entire days worth of photo’s and not realize you had the Lens Cap on the whole time. This is made even worse if your Rangefinder has Through-The-Lens (TTL) metering and you can’t figure out why it isn’t working.

This short video always makes me chuckle, but is a constant reminder that we are only human . . .

A Country Boys Trip to Newcastle . . .

Leica M8, Voigtlander 35mm f2.5

I must admit that as a Country Dweller, I find the City a confusing yet exciting place to be. Maybe that’s why, whilst City Dwellers head in their droves to the Countryside on a sunny weekend, I choose to leave the tranquility of the Pastures Green and head to ‘The Smoke’?

Wasn’t sure if this Guy was Making a Call, or Answering a Call of Nature . . .


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