My new life on the UK Canals . . .

. . . though not strictly Street Photography related (the canals do however lead to Street Photography locations), I have produced an ever growing series of videos, documenting both my change of life and my journeys around the canal system.

The video below is my latest offering.

All of my previous canal videos can be found in these YouTube Playlists here.


Author: Kevin Shelley

Street Photography. Narrow Boat Documentaries. eBooks. Blog. Reviews cameras. Develops film.

11 thoughts on “My new life on the UK Canals . . .”

    1. Thanks indeed for that Neil. It’s certainly been an experience getting to this point and one thing I’ve learnt, is that anything is possible if you put your all into it, stubbornly. 🙂

      All the best, Kev


      1. Very true, one thing I’ve learned working and living with horses, when you can get a 100 stone animal to do what you want and to want to do what you want you can do anything 😉


  1. Cheers mate but I don’t know how you got it 😀 Thought I’d sent it to myself cos I’ve changed the email address. Cheers anyway. Hope all is well. Kev


  2. Ah, I have it set for notifications when a new comment is added so… yes, all’s well… been missing your blogs and images


    1. Cheers I hope to get back to doing some street at some point this year. Miss it myself, just been a bit nuts doing the canal videos. Due for a rest I think and a change of scene.


      1. Glad you’ve found some peace in life… sounds an nice way to live. Always fancied a canal boat to live in


  3. I found your show on Amazon Prime, Travels by Narrowboat. I quickly was hooked. My daughter & I both love your videos. I feel like we’re on your travels with you. It also is very therapeutic & great for anxiety. We LOVE it! I’m so glad you bought your boat. We live in Oklahoma City, OK USA


  4. Hi Kevin,
    Over the past several weeks I have been watching your Travel By Narrowboat series on Amazon Prime. I’m a guy that likes learning about places and life styles. I was attracted to your series simply because it’s different than the usual. I live in a small but historically significant town in SE Ohio on the Ohio River I have spent the majority of my 74 years living in this area. I think you might be interested in learning about and seeing some pictures from this area in the same manner I am interested in your coverage on TBN. Here in the U S we are blessed with so many navigable rivers but there never were that many canals. The ones that were built were done in the very early 1800s and what little that remain are only partial sections maintained as tourist attractions that do not connect with other canals or rivers. I have mostly seen video from TBN with a few still shots. So I eventually found my way to your photography blog where I am currently and slowly enjoying your work. I have toyed with amateur video work for about 30 years starting with VHS. Over the years I have graduated to digital video and computer editing software but still quite amateur in scope. My experience has taught me how much effort and time is required to edit and assemble all the rough content you use. I am so impressed by the fact that you do it all with a laptop on your boat. Your video work should not be discounted as trivial by fans of still photography because it is in no way an easy task by comparison. Ive just got up to date on TBN and I will be watching for season 6. Please feel free to contact me via Facebook PM if you have any questions that you feel are not on target for your blog or TBN. Later Man…

    Dave Boley


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