My new life on the UK Canals . . .

. . . though not strictly Street Photography related (the canals do however lead to Street Photography locations), I have produced an ever growing series of videos, documenting both my change of life and my journeys around the canal system.

The video below is my latest offering.

All of my previous canal videos can be found in these YouTube Playlists here.


URBAN International Photo Awards 2017, Now Open For Entries . . .

. . . The URBAN International Photo Awards 2017, an international stage for photographers, is now open for entries. Italian artist Maurizio Galimberti will be Jury President and a total prize fund of 4,000 euros (1300 euros to the winner), is up for grabs . . .

Submissions now open to the URBAN 2017 Photo Awards, international contest organized by Italian cultural association dotART, together with media partners and Sprea Fotografia.

Urban 2017 Photo Awards + Exhibition 14 February - 31 May 2017 Kevin Shelley Street Photography Blog UK

Now in its eighth edition, URBAN sees every year thousands of participating pictures and hundreds of participants from all over the world. It is an always growing international contest, one of the very few that goes “over the boundaries” of the Internet offering to photographers real visibility through dozens of international photo exhibitions.

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Short Reviews, London in June and How Much Money I Make . . .

. . . Have you ever stopped for one moment to evaluate just what it is that you hope to get from your photography? Maybe you just do it for the enjoyment? Possibly like me, you also write a Blog? If the latter, why go through all the time, expense, effort and worry (yes really) of doing so – surely it can’t be for the money?

With regards that last point, I was struck by this particular question a short while ago – how much money have I earned in the last 20 years from my photography, or the 3 years of this blog, or for that matter, the many countless photographic ‘weekends’ away?

Well that’s easy and you may or may not find the answer surprising – Ten pounds.

Yes, Ten Quid, a Tenner, a Bill & Benner, a Cockle, an Ayrton Senna, a Cock & Hen – and I can easily recall how I came to be in possession of that beautiful (if slightly limp) ‘Brownie’.

Five years ago I had this crazy idea of selling photographic prints. As chance would have it, there was a local photography exhibition just a few weeks away and in a moment of utter madness, I chose twenty of my (then) favourite images and had them printed as 16×12″ black & white photographs. As a finishing touch, I lovingly mounted each one in a chunky ebony-coloured wooden frame. Three hundred pounds later and on a cold and dark morning, I headed off to the exhibition. At an asking price of just £25 each, I was sure to make my money back AND turn a tidy profit for my troubles?

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Another New eBook “The British – A Pictorial Guide for Other Nations” . . .

. . . Yep, following my visit to Bowness near Windermere in the Lake District and my experiences shooting Street with the Medium Format Mamiya C33 TLR, I have emerged from the fumes, flames, smoke and explosions of the Street Photography Blog laboratory, with another eBook.

“The British – A Pictorial Guide for Other Nations” is a light-hearted and ‘tongue-in-cheek’ search for the elusive and stereotypical representations of how other nations (may possibly) view the British. As it turns out, there is actually a strong basis for these (possible) misconceptions.

As usual, click eBooks to visit that page and download the eBook (PDF), or click the picture below.


The British - A Pictorial Guide for Other Nations eBook PDF Street Photography Blog UK

My Latest eBook “Not Of The Street – Men With Beards” . . .

. . . Following the many encouraging comments I received for my first eBook “Street Photography – A Personal Point of View“, I was keen to set to work on my next ‘magnum opus’. 😉

Here then and for your viewing pleasure, is my latest offering “Not Of The Street – Men With Beards“, in PDF format and available for FREE download in the eBooks section.

This time the subject is both a series of 15 Portraits, taken with the Leica X (Type 113) that I recently reviewed, as well as many sentences regarding my views on the meaning and (perceived) limitations of the word ‘Street’ in Street Photography.


eBook Not of the Street Men with Beards by Kevin Shelley Street Photography Blog UK

The Photography Show 2015 N.E.C. Birmingham (Part Three) . . .

. . . There’s an old saying ‘The Best-Laid Plans of Mice and Men Often Go Awry.’

In my case, at the Photography Show, that’s so very true. But on this occasion, it’s all for the better – much better.

I’d originally made a mental-plan of things to do, places to go and people to see. That was until today . . .

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The Photography Show 2015 N.E.C. Birmingham (Part Two) . . .

. . . The following is a summary of those exhibits I felt had a relevance to Street Photography . . .

. . . My eyes have been opened to a whole other world – that of the ‘jobbing’ photographer. In particular and if my feet are anything to go by, I have gained a newfound respect for those who make it their living.

I’d made a point of arriving at the show some 30 minutes before the doors were due to open, in anticipation of finding a good parking spot (near Hall 5) and in the hope of beating the ‘mad rush’. Sadly it appeared that everyone else had the same idea. Doubly sadly and not knowing the layout of the N.E.C, the carpark I was directed to was some 1/2 mile from the Photography Show. Oh well.

After what seemed like an eternal walk, I’d arrived at the entrance to the show and was greeted by an immense gathering, everyone congregated in anticipation of the large black curtain being removed – and there I stood at the back. “This is gonna take forever” I thought . . .

Crowds gather at the 2015 UK Photography Show NEC Street Photography Blog

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The Photography Show 2015 N.E.C. Birmingham (Part One) . . .

. . . So tomorrow is the start of the N.E.C. Photography Show. Now this is the first camera show I’ve ever been to (yes really), which probably explains my anticipation and rather strangely, nervousness.

Nervous you ask, but it’s only a photography show?

Typically it wouldn’t be an issue, after all I’m no stranger to visiting shows for subject matter such as motorcycles, or guitars. However, this is the first time I’ll not be attending from the perspective of Joe Public, but as someone looking to provide coverage and insight of the events and exhibits at the show ‘for Joe Public’.

So here I sit, in my camper van, somewhere on a campsite about 10 miles from the N.E.C. – glass of Chateu du Chatalais in one hand, iPad in the other, typing this post.

The final checklist was done this morning, before making the 190 mile journey from Cumbria to ‘the Midlands’.

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It’s Going To Be A Hectic Couple Of Weeks On The Blog & Twitter . . .

. . . With The Photography Show 2015 at the N.E.C. Birmingham starting next weekend on the 21st March, my poor little feet (and fingers) are going to be taking a hammering.

What initially started out as ‘just a day at the show’, has in a short space of time become a huge logistical exercise (for me at least).

Since planning a visit to the Birmingham exhibition, I applied for (and received) what is probably the holy grail as far as enthusiastic photographers are concerned – a Press Pass.

This of course opened up a multitude of possibilities for what could be achieved at the show, amongst many being – free access to all 4 days, access to the Press Room (with comfy chairs), desks, refreshments and free wi-fi.

Then there’s the ‘press pack’ on a USB stick, as well as ‘press only’ Q&A sessions and interviews with many well known and famous photographers, including Martin Parr.

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The Photography Show 2015 N.E.C. Birmingham . . .

UPDATE – I’ll be attending the four days as a member of The Press . . .

. . . I’ll be at the Photography Show 2015 at the N.E.C. Birmingham between the 21st & 24th March.

Will be taking the opportunity to try out the latest Street Photography orientated cameras and gadgets and maybe even interview some popular figures in the world of Street Photography.

Kevin Shelley Street Photographer at the Photography Show N.E.C. 2015

Of course you’ll be able to read all about it on the Blog and on my Twitter and Facebook pages.

Would be great to meet and say hello. See you there.

My First eBook And 3 Years Of The Street Photography Blog . . .

. . . Time fly’s by when you’re having fun and it’s incredible to think that I’ve been uploading photographs and writing articles for the blog for 3 years now.

In that time the blog has grown to over 65 posts, almost 400 registered users and nearly 2500 subscribers to the RSS feed. What started out as just a bit of fun and somewhere to show my pictures has grown beyond any and all expectations. Thank you dearly to all of my readers, one and all.

As coincidence would have it, I’ve achieved an ambition that’s been burning away in the back of my mind for the last couple of years – an eBook. What’s more, it’s free and totals just over 50 pages and 43 photographs.

Street Photography - Apersonal Point of View

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Facing My Demons . . .

. . . Thank you to all who have written with kind and helpful words of support, both about my ‘problem’ and their own. Also, to hear that my Bipolar Article has been of help for others in coming-to-terms with various issues, has brought a tear to my eye. Thank you.

I’m especially indebted to a reader of the Street Photography Blog (you know who you are 🙂 ) who sent me a selection of Meditative literature. As a result of this, I was able to summon the courage to once again grab a camera and hit the streets. Cheers mate.

To that end, I am now writing this post whilst enjoying a coffee outside a Starbucks in Chester. So far it’s been a very enjoyable experience, despite feeling a little detached from reality – floating on a cloud so to speak.

street photography uk photographer kevin shelley prints for sale leica m2 voigtlander 50 1.5

All being well, there should be some cool shots ‘in the can’ and on the blog, soon.

A Feature Length Interview in Inspired Eye Magazine – Issue 15 . . .

Once again, many thanks and huge appreciation to Don Springer and Olivier Duong of Inspired Eye Magazine for the wonderful 18-page interview and photographs in Issue 15 of their exceptional publication. This issue features interviews and photography from 9 photographers, Essays, Readers Gallery and Travel Writing.

Click Here (not a pay-per-click, just a link) to buy the bumper 165-page Issue 15 now for just $4.95 (£3.10 approximately) in PDF format . . .

. . . and click the picture below for a sample of the first page of my featured article.

Inspired Eye Magazine - Street Photographer from the UK, Kevin Shelley

An Audio Interview and Article with Myself in Street Photography Magazine . . .

. . . Huge appreciation and thank you to Street Photography Magazine’s Bob Patterson for publishing an Audio Interview and Article, with myself. Cheers Bob.

What’s more, Bob has generously created a private screening area so that visitors to the Street Photography Blog can read and listen to the interview for FREE. Just Click Here to be taken to the private screening area and enjoy.

Don’t forget that you can subscribe to Street Photography Magazine for just $1.99 (£1.20) per month, by Clicking Here.

My Street Photography ‘Kit’ Featured on Japan Camera Hunter’s “What’s in Your Bag” . . .

. . . A big thank you indeed to Bellamy Hunt – A.K.A. Japan Camera Hunter, for featuring my Street Photography Kit Kevin Shelley – In Your Bag No:979.

Japan Camera Hunter is a ‘treasure trove’ of reviews and “geekery” for camera lovers. Find the camera of your dreams.

I Want A Beard Like Zack Arias’s . . .

. . . And now for something completely different.

A few days ago I was giving an interview over Skype to the editor (and publisher) of Street Photography Magazine, Bob Patterson (soon to be published at the end of this month. The interview that is, not Bob 🙂 ).

During the 1 hour and 30 minute conversation, the subject of ‘photography heroes’ came up and I was quick to mention (among others), Zack Arias. Somehow we also moved onto the subject of beards !?!

Then just two days ago, I was in the supermarket and whilst becoming quietly cross-eyed and giddy at the sheer amount of choice at the cheese counter, this guy parked up beside me.

Nothing odd about that but my eye was instantly caught by the (frankly) monumental and (quite simply) impressive ‘sculpture’ hanging from his chin. For he was sporting one of the coolest and most stylish beards I’d seen in a long time. Further, it bore an incredible likeness to that worn by one of my favourite modern-day street photographers, Zack Arias.

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My Fuji XF35 & XF60 Review Published In Street Photography Magazine . . .

. . . Many thanks to Bob Patterson of Street Photography Magazine for publishing my Fuji XF35 & XF60 lens review in the latest issue.

For the latest and past issues of the magazine, click here Street Photography Magazine and also available via Apple’s Newstand from the App Store here Street Photography Magazine

Also to come in a following issue, an interview (photographs, words AND audio) with myself. 😮

An Interview With ‘Yours Truly’ On Inspired Eye Magazine’s Blog . . .

. . . An enormous and humbled thank you to Don Springer and Olivier Duong of Inspired Eye magazine for posting an interview with myself and a selection of my favourite photographs, on the magazine’s website.

Interview here

Inspired Eye is a magazine published every 4 weeks and is primarily focused on all things Street Photography. Read all about it and subscribe here

Hey Folks, I’ve Gone And Done Something Rather Rash (Possibly) . . .

. . . You see, since giving up Film and especially Leica’s, I’ve missed the simplicity and speed of operation of Prime Lenses. Zooms are great (the XF18-55mm especially). Afterall, having a specific focal length on-call whenever you need it saves all that faff of swapping lenses, right? Further, as the image quality is above and beyond what you would expect of a simple ‘kit’ lens, it sounds like an optical nirvana.

However, with regards the 18-55, I had a few minor (and major) niggles that I just couldn’t ignore.

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